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Fundamental understanding of thermal and charge transport across flexible
nano-interfaces is important to solve various heat related problems in
systems with van der Waals contacts such as molecules, polymers,
nano-materials, and nano-structured systems.

This workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussing science,
measurement techniques, and applications relating thermal and charge
transport in flexible nano-interfaces, and to facilitate active
collaborations among researchers from different fields.

Registration fee is free!
Organizer :
Kazuhiro Yanagi (Tokyo Metropolitan Univerisity)
Koji Miyazaki (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Takashi Yagi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)


Date: 1st of Dec. 9:00~12:30

Program of TCTFN2020


Please make registration by the 30th November.

The ZOOM webiner address will be informed by e-mail after registration.



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